This course is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and Nelson Technical Institute is accredited to teach it.

This course is designed to help Work and Income

clients gain employment. A requirement of

this course is that trainees must actively seek and try to gain employment as an outcome

Programme Details

This programme focusses on industry standards and basic entry level requirements to gain employment in the automotive or related industries. This flexible, self-paced learning programme includes classroom theory, simulated practical and on-site practical. Individual language, literacy and numeracy needs met with support.

This flexible self-paced learning, introductory course is made up of classroom theory, simulated practical and on-site practical and actual work experience.

Fixed entry courses, however some flexible entry will remain dependent on completions and early withdrawals. 

Includes: Employment Skills, Customer Relations, Workshop Safety, Workshop Engineering, Welding, Engine Repairs, Tuning/Servicing, Vehicle Electronics, Steering/Suspension & Brakes, Exhaust Systems.

Individual language, literacy and numeracy needs met with support.


Programme hours

8.30 am to 3.00 pm, with a 12:30 finish on Friday. This may vary for field work and work experience.

Programme Structure

This 13 week programme is made up of self paced learning modules and includes a combination of classroom theory, simulated practical, and on site practical.

Entry requirements

  • Clients must hold at least their Class 1 Learners licence — this must be current. 
  • Clients must have good language, literacy and numeracy levels.
  • Clients must have no serious criminal convictions or pending charges.